Preparing Your Business for the Holidays & Maximizing Profit in 2023’s Biggest Retail Months

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‘Tis the Season…to Prepare For the Season!

The holiday season that marks Q4 for business owners isn’t just a time for festivities; it’s a crucial period for retailers everywhere to secure high profits in a relatively short period. The holiday season is when businesses have the greatest opportunities to make the most of what they have to offer. By employing thoughtful planning and creative strategies, our team at The VAN LEUVEN Company can help you maximize your retail presence and capture the essence of this profitable season in 2023. We’ve compiled a list of ideas that will help you make the most of the holiday rush and stay ahead of your holiday planning this year.


5 Holiday Planning Strategies for Business Owners


1. Start Your Business’s Holiday Planning Early to Ensure Peak Profitability

The typically-recognized holiday season in the United States begins on Black Friday, and it doesn’t slow down until after New Year’s Day. In 2023, there are just a few weeks left before the holiday season ramps up for businesses, making it important to have some sort of holiday business plan in place. Create a detailed timeline for your promotions and holiday themes, stock up on popular products, and ensure that your online and physical stores are equipped to handle the increased foot traffic.

By starting holiday planning early and committing to a clear and organized structure, business owners can ensure that they have the best tools to achieve their desired vision and ensure peak profitability during the holiday season.


2. Incorporate Budget-friendly Holiday Promotions for Your Customers

It is no secret that budgets can be tight for both businesses and consumers during the holidays, which can mean your business is inaccessible to a significant portion of potential customers. It is essential to come up with budget-friendly promotional ideas that capture this segment of your customer pool. Consider offering exclusive discounts, bundled deals, or loyalty rewards to attract and retain customers in the year to come.

Thinking creatively is essential when planning for budget-friendly promotions that make your offerings stand out. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite budget-friendly promotional ideas at The VAN LEUVEN Company:

Offer 12 Days of Discounts

By offering a different discount or deal each day leading up to a holiday, businesses can create a sense of excitement that encourages customers to return to the store or website regularly during the holiday season.

Offer Customers a Holiday-themed Gift with Purchase

Providing a free holiday-themed gift or accessory with a minimum purchase allows business owners the opportunity to capture purchases from additional customers. Consider offering a holiday-themed tote bag, ornament, or even a branded holiday mug.

Host a Holiday Scavenger Hunt at Your Business

Encourage customers to spend more time in your store or on your website by creating an in-store or online holiday-themed scavenger hunt! Hide clues or items related to the holiday season and offer discounts or prizes to customers who find them.

Host an Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest at Your Business

Encourage customers to visit your store or share pictures of themselves wearing ugly or tacky holiday sweaters on social media. Offer discounts or entries into a contest for those who participate.

Host a Holiday Trivia Night

Encourage customer traffic to your physical store or social media pages by hosting holiday-themed trivia nights or quizzes in-store or on your social media platforms. Be sure to offer discounts or holiday-themed prizes to those who participate!

Promote Specials on Stocking Stuffers

Promote small, affordable items as perfect stocking stuffers. Offer bundle deals or discounts on these items to encourage customers to make multiple purchases.

Utilize a Wish List or Gift Registry for the Holidays

Allow customers to create holiday wish lists or gift registries. This can make holiday shopping less strenuous for both the gift giver and the recipient.

Create Holiday Gift Guides from Your Business

Create holiday-themed gift guides for various categories or types of recipients (e.g., “Gifts for Him,” “Gifts for Pet Lovers”). This helps customers find the perfect gift with the least amount of stress and boosts your business’s cross-selling, or selling related products to a customer.

Provide Customer Holiday Cards with Purchase

Encourage customers to send holiday cards to loved ones and provide free or discounted cards with their purchases. You can even set up a card-writing station in your store!

Host a Photo Booth with Santa

If you have a physical store, consider booking a photo booth with a Santa Claus for customers to take pictures with. Share these photos on social media to promote your brand and gain more foot traffic in your store over the holiday season.

Host Holiday-Themed Contests

Run holiday-themed contests like “Best Holiday Decorations at Home” or “Best Gingerbread House Contest” on social media. Offer prizes or discounts to the winners.

Form Charity Partnerships for the Season

Customers like to know that the place they are doing their shopping is committed to doing good. Collaborate with a local charity for a holiday-themed campaign. For every purchase, donate a percentage to the charitable organization or encourage customers to make a small donation with their purchase.

Incorporate Festive Packaging with Purchases

Use holiday-themed packaging and wrapping for your products. This can enhance the gift-giving experience and create a memorable touch for your customers.

Host a Virtual Holiday Party for Your Business

Host a virtual holiday party for your customers, complete with games, giveaways, and special promotions.

Promote Advent Calendar Deals at Your Business

Create an online or in-store advent calendar with daily promotions or discounts leading up to the holiday season.


3. Prioritize Community Involvement During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for giving, and there are many beneficial reasons to participate in the spirit of generosity. Customers are often more inclined to shop with retailers that are socially responsible and give back to their communities. Consider organizing toy drives or contributing a portion of your profits to charitable local organizations in your community.


4. Plan for After-Thanksgiving Sales at Your Business

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are major shopping events that occur at the beginning of the holiday season. Planning your promotions and marketing campaigns for these days strategically allows for your business to capitalize on proactive customers’ holiday gifting for the season. Offering significant discounts and doorbuster deals can ensure that your business attracts a large number of customers across industries, both in-store and online.


5. Remember to Adapt Your Marketing Strategy Seasonally to Capture Profits

While the holiday season is a peak period for retailers, it is essential to think beyond the seasons and prioritize effective marketing all year long. Look for products and strategies that can defy seasonality and provide throughout the year, ensuring that your business continues to attract customers well after the holiday rush.

The holiday season is a prime opportunity for retailers to boost their sales, but it requires careful planning and creative approaches. Starting early, offering budget-friendly promotions, and giving back to the community can set your business apart and ensure that you achieve higher levels of profitability this season. Finally, don’t forget to adapt your marketing and promotional strategies for year-round success.


Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Business at The VAN LEUVEN Company

Ensuring that your business thrives during the holiday season is just the first step in taking a strategic approach to your marketing endeavors. Effective marketing strategies that prioritize engagement and growth year-round are essential to increasing the overall health of your business.

The VAN LEUVEN Company is a full-scale nationwide marketing agency that can help you make the most of the upcoming holiday season and maximize your retail presence year-round. Based in Knoxville, TN, and servicing clients nationwide, The VAN LEUVEN Company has been proud to work with clients committed to healing, nurturing, enriching, and sustaining the world for over 22 years. Contact The VAN LEUVEN Company today to learn more about how we can successfully grow your business, together.