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At The VAN LEUVEN Company, we have a 22+ years-long history of commitment to serving clients that heal, nurture, enrich, and sustain the world. Our business philosophy places emphasis on true partnership rather than a singular vision, and parallel growth has always been our goal in working with our clients to achieve success together. In pursuit of shared success, our work is only as strong as our partnership is, and we take great care in choosing partnerships that reflect our shared values and commitments. 

Sometimes, we know right away when a client is a match made in Heaven, and that was certainly the case when we were introduced to Riverbend Resources and their unique, farm-based, products.

Riverbend Resources: The Poultry Pro Feeder & More

In a rural farming town in eastern Massachusetts, Riverbend Resources is changing the game in homesteading. Owner Erik Diedrichsen and his family moved to the suburbs from Boston and found themselves organically taking up homesteading. What started out as receiving a couple of chicks from his mother-in-law’s school turned into a backyard flock, maple syrup harvesting, and beekeeping operation fairly quickly. Erik and his family found joy in knowing that they had their own harvested maple syrup, honey, and farm-fresh eggs—all cultivated on their own land. 

In the process of learning the homesteading lifestyle, Erik and his family encountered the ups and downs of trials and errors. Erik reminded us at VLC: “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and he couldn’t think of someone better to solve the recurring issues he was having with his own backyard flock than him. 

It started small, with Erik building prototypes of the Poultry Pro Feeder for his family’s personal use. They were happy with their weatherproof product that allowed them to feed their flock less often, and Erik initially did not have plans to produce the product on a larger scale. However, as the pandemic shut down his existing business of designing and building trade show exhibits, Erik pivoted and created the Poultry Pro Feeder, an attachment that creates a feeder out of any container. With his previously made connections to designers, trade shows, and manufacturers, Erik and his team worked to have the Poultry Pro Feeder come to fruition in a year’s time. After its launch, it was received well, winning First Place in Innovation at SUPERZOO® and Second Place at Global Pet Expo®—all with the help of his daughters in their chicken costumes walking the tradeshow. 

An Elevated Homesteading Experience 

With the patented Poultry Pro Feeder, less mess, waste, and vermin are guaranteed. When a customer receives their Poultry Pro Feeder kit, a hole saw is included to attach the appliance to any desired feeding container, and installation takes less than sixty seconds. After the Poultry Pro Feeder has been attached, simply fill your container and allow your flock to feed without the hassle of traditional flock feeders. 

With the Poultry Pro Feeder’s success, orders began to come in from major farm supply stores across the country, and customers began to ask for a solution to backyard flock watering. Thus, the new Poultry Pro Waterer was born. 

Expanded Offerings: The Poultry Pro Waterer

With increasing customer interest in a solution for a better poultry waterer, Riverbend Resources began development of the Poultry Pro Waterer, a self-filling and self-cleaning poultry watering solution. Available in the Traditional or Automated setup, the patented Poultry Pro Waterer allows flock owners to worry less about changing their flock’s water out, providing a consistently self-cleaning and filling setup that can be attached to a timer and fully automated. With customizable cleaning intervals for the size of an owner’s flock, the Poultry Pro Waterer is designed to set it and forget it, taking one more thing off of the homesteading chore list. 

To learn more about how the Poultry Pro Feeder and Poultry Pro Waterer work, click here.

What Makes Riverbend Resources a Great Partner?

At The VAN LEUVEN Company, we prioritize working with individuals and companies who make great partners, and Riverbend Resources shares our commitment to healing, nurturing, enriching, and sustaining the world while striving for continual growth. As a veteran-owned business, Riverbend Resources knows the value and importance of service, and they strive to provide customers with detail-oriented, exceptional product offerings that are made in the USA. At VLC, we value this commitment, and are working alongside Riverbend to bring the Poultry Pro Feeder and Waterer to flock owners everywhere through our Independent Retailer Channel. 

With our network of independent retailers throughout the country, The VAN LEUVEN Company is working to provide distribution of Riverbend Resources’ products to farm retail stores nationwide. 

For clients of The VAN LEUVEN Company’s Elevated Event Bundle, look for the Poultry Pro Feeder in our new Chick Days Basket, provided complimentary as a part of your Chick Days event support. 

Become a Retailer of the Poultry Pro Feeder & Waterer

Expanding your in-store offerings to include these innovative flock products captures new customers and expands interest for existing ones. If you are interested in becoming a retailer of the Poultry Pro Feeder or Poultry Pro Waterer, contact The VAN LEUVEN Company today!